The Journey

Exploring Sustainability through Spirituality: The Transformational Journey

The journey of Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership started in 2002 as the outcome of the 1stInternational Conference on Business Social Partnership: Beyond Philanthropy organized at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta during December 4-8, 2002.

With golden dreams to emerge as a headstrong organization ISOL Foundation started the journey by promoting the two core themes: Spirit centered CSR activities and ethical business practices which were discussed extensively in value based research, conferences and discussions. The crux of the goal lied in the concept of enhancing individuals in corporate society on spiritual and value based terms solely for organizational and individual prospects. Aimed at the spiritual centric approach towards corporate management ISOL Foundation took another initiative by propagating noble values in steering economic and business systems, which have been ruptured by corporate scandals and moral bankruptcy. Thus, two mega events were conducted in 2007 and 2009 that led addressing these issues and the ISOL Foundation into the spotlight of organizational reality and got finally established in 2009. Today, every conference and seminars are organized under the aegis of ISOL Foundation.