An Overview

On October 19, 2010 ISOL Research was registered as a charitable organization vides Registration No. 11406 under Section 60 in the Indian Trust Acts.

ISOL Research Foundation is a humble yet determined effort on a global platform to enrich the corporate and business world with an ever-growing and a sustainable work environment.


  • to deepen the identification of the individuals with their organizations through an in-depth process of imbibing them with the zeal to lead and emphasizing trust and honest relationships with their fellow workers through a well established faith network.

ISOL Research Foundation has recognized three centers under its wing:

  • ISOL Center for Integral Healing
  • ISOL Center for Consciousness Studies
  • Vedic Foundations of Indian Management

ISOL Research Foundation adopts an inter-disciplinary research based approach. It envisages being a research institution carrying out researches aimed at shaping pathways to design a sustainable and harmonious corporate culture and equip them with managerial practices reflecting a fair balance of integrated knowledge and ethical behavior.