Unity in Life

We focus at shared perspective to conduct vigorous business practices with a medium of spiritual justification by inculcating moral attitudes into a valuable leadership style.

  • Corporate Behavioral Development by promoting harmony and, highlighting the commonalities amongst different faith traditions for the inner development of self, thought process and behaviour by practicing welfare and good of all human beings.
  • Nurture people to attain by integrating the wisdom drawn from various religious faiths to merge into one source of aspiration-Serve for Humanity for Prosperity.
  • To deliver seamless methods of handling the core areas in Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Business Organization.
  • Value-based and Spirit-centric courses to create a spur in the corporate culture as well as in the society.


Where the mind is without fear and the head held high

We always yearn to promote a well established universal faith and wisdom network with the existing corporate culture. We, at ISOL, remain intact by creating an ethical methodology for people and society.

  • We intend to come up with a monthly e-newsletter and a bi-annual International Journal of Spirituality and Organizational Leadership.
  • To discuss concrete plan of actions like various training and consulting/ workshop activities to integrate the ecology of the soul with the ecology of organizations.
  • To successfully expedite towards the development of non-exploitative, non-violent and sustainable organizations and enable an environment for promoting integral management and collective pride at the workplace.
  • Help the companies in finding a balance between business practices, employee-employer relationship and sustainability and ethics of practicing authentic leadership based on different traditional wisdom.
  • Create a research reservoir on Integral Management and Wisdom Traditions for Enlightened Management Practices.
  • Envisages as a Research and Management Educational Centre for Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership.