ISOL Research Award 2011


ISOL Research Award 2011
Dr. Ora Setter

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Dr. Ora Setter, Ph.D. from Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, did M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior and M.A. in Buddhism and East Asian Cultures from Tel Aviv University. She graduated from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1974.

She carries a rich teaching experience of over 30 years at Tel Aviv University in various courses for undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as Executive MBA courses.  Presently she is the Chair, the Institute of Psycho – Dharma, the School for Buddhist Theory of Mind and Psychology.  She has tried to bridge the gap between the theory and practice as academic coordinator of courses on “Spirituality in Business and Management” and “Between East and West”. Besides, she initiated management training projects and training programs in Israel, India, and Russia.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Ora Setter served as Managing Director for Internet publishing and networks of knowledge and Learning. She did a range of projects in Organizational Development and Consultancy for the managements of leading companies in Israel. She has organized numerous lectures, workshops and conferences. She initiated an international community for knowledge management via intranet and led the Israeli Forum of Knowledge Managers. She is a member of the Ethics Committee in the Civil Service, on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office of Israel and of Finance Ministry’s Supreme Committee for Computerized Communications & Technology.

She has presented scholarly papers at National and International symposia on various subjects like Ethical Elements and Structure of Psychological Contracts, Spirituality, Entitlements and Obligations; Buddhism and Management: can the Two go together; Spirituality and Organizational Misbehavior etc. She is a member of the Editorial Board and editor of Status for the Israeli Management Journal.

Acknowledging extraordinary contribution made by Dr. Ora Setter in research on Spirituality and Leadership, ISOL Foundation confers the ISOL Research Award to her.